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Our quality Steel Doors can be made to whatever size and dimensions you require. However, the standard dimensions of our doors are:

Door Opening 100cm and Door Height 210cm. The door frame is of the «accordian système» and is adjustable to fit any thickness of wall between 15 cm and 25cm

  • Our doors are made using quality 1.5 & 2mm DKP steel, making them unbeliveably strong. The interior of the door casing is filled with a fully welded 1.5mm sheet steel protection barrier averting intruder penetration and in addition, sound deadening materials are also used to provide further soundproofing.

  • Quality «KALE» security locks provide the highest protection available, which feature reinforced casings and a choice of lock systems with either 7 locking points «mono-bloc» or for the ultimate protection a 14 locking point «central lock» system. «central lock» system has both horizontal and vertical locking points all of which work off a single key. The door is further protected by the addition of 3 pins which recess into the steel frame on the hinge side.

  • Electrostatic powder paint is applied to both door and frame and baked in 220° ovens for a highly lacquered finish which is incredibly hard and durable and is also scratch resistant.

  • 15mm rubber sealing system between door and frame to provide sound and thermal insulation.

  • Only 1st quality brass and chrome components are used including a 180° security peephole built-in to door knocker.

  • Very easy to clean surfaces - doors require almost zero maintenance.

  • Doors are available in either left hand or right hand form.

  • Replacement decorative door panels can be ordered and installed relatively inexpensively without the need to replace the entire door and frame.

  • We can fabricate customer's own door designs and specifications.
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